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Short Term and Respite Care

What is the difference between short term and respite care?

Short term and respite care are a wonderful opportunity to actively participate in all the benefits retirement living has to offer, in an inviting environment with no pressure to make a long-term decision. Lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, a short term stay, also known as a trial stay, is the perfect way to get a glimpse at everyday life and decide if retirement living is right for you. Try it out for yourself.

When you or your loved one wishes to visit a retirement home for a short term reason, we call it a short term stay. Maybe you would like to get a feel for what retirement living is all about.  Maybe your home is being renovated and you need a place to stay in the meantime. Or perhaps you are in town for a week visiting a loved one living in one of our retirement residences and wish to be close to them.

When you or a loved one is looking for a comfortable place to stay and receive support while a caregiver is away, perhaps on vacation, ill, in need of a short break, or you need some extra assistance after your own illness or surgery we call it respite care

Both are classified officially as temporary stays – and no matter the circumstance, we are here to help.

What services are offered in short term and respite care?

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When you stay with us, you have access to an array of exciting active living programming. We know life is all about balance, and how you spend your time has a big impact on your happiness. At our residences, it’s about doing what you love and enjoying the benefits of being part of a vibrant, welcoming community. So, whether you love quiet time in the library, visiting the spa, participating in a lecture, learning to Zumba, playing bridge, or joining one of our walking clubs, there really is something for everyone.

You will also have the opportunity to experience our meals. Made fresh daily, our food is both nutritious and delicious. Our chef-prepared offerings are made with fresh ingredients and our menus offer plenty of choice and can accommodate special dietary needs. And mealtime is made even more enjoyable in the company of friends in the full-service dining room. If your preference is to take meals in your suite during your stay, we can accommodate that also. All of these options are at your fingertips while you stay with us.

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Additionally, and importantly, short-term and respite care in one of our retirement homes come complete with 24-hour staffing to provide the services you need and the peace of mind you desire should you require them. Ask us about our specialized support for personal care, medication administration, pain and symptom management, skin care and other services.

A temporary stay, whether it be short term or respite, really is a chance to see what retirement community living is all about. A chance to meet new people, try new activities, enjoy lovely meals, and be supported in a place by trained staff who are always there to assist as you need.

Moreover, our retirement homes are pet friendly, with most allowing cats, small dogs, birds, and fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

A temporary stay can be a wonderful support not only for you and your loved one, but also for your family, friends, and valued caregivers. Life can be stressful when you are taking care of others or worrying about the day-to-day. We can help alleviate that stress.

Designed specifically to ensure you get the break, rest, support, and rejuvenation you need during your short term or respite stay, time spent in a retirement community is about empowering choice, and the chance to participate in and benefit from all that our homes have to offer.

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Care Comes in Many Forms

You may need different kinds of support over time. Our experienced team is ready with highly personalized care services.

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