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Independent Supportive Living

What is Independent Supportive Living?

Need a helping hand now and then? If maintaining your independence is important to you but you could use a little assistance from time to time, independent supportive living offers you the best of both worlds. In this section, we’ll talk about how this is a good option for supporting older people’s independent living and providing them with personalized and discreet services to help with daily routines. We will also discuss the differences between independent supportive living and assisted living and answer some common questions.

Independent supportive living gives you the autonomy to live your life, your way, in a retirement home designed to suit your needs and preferences, with the added benefit of easy access to the services you may need. Whether it’s housekeeping, laundry or transportation sourcing, or assistance with more personal services such as grooming or dressing, choosing independent supportive living gives you the options to help you be your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking one or more medications, and looking for help to ensure you take what you need, when you need it? Or do you require another form of care to get you through your day? In independent supportive living, you’ll have access to practical on-site personal care services such as medication administration. Care services may be offered by our staff depending on where you live and the care team in each retirement residence. Government funded home care services may be available, eligibility criteria will vary by province.

Keep in mind that you’ll also enjoy the many benefits of independent retirement home living, with a suite you’ve selected that provides you with comfort, privacy and every convenience. You’ll also be part of a safe and secure community with a range of independent supportive living services, chef-inspired dining, and fun and fulfilling social and recreational activities to enjoy with new friends.

If you enjoy your independence but want to be sure you’ll have the help you need when you move to a retirement residence, consider choosing independent supportive living. When you do so, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is a helping hand ready and able to support you.

There are many benefits to selecting independent supportive living, not the least of which is the fact that you’ll enjoy all of the advantages of living independently in a vibrant retirement community, such as:

  • An exceptional dining experience, with delicious, healthy, chef-inspired meals that can be customized to meet dietary needs, all in a variety of welcoming settings.

  • An active, social atmosphere of people at a similar stage of life as you are. Socialization is a primary reason many people move to a retirement home, and whether you feel like spending time on your own or connecting with your new friends, the choice is always up to you!

  • Events and activities such as cooking demonstrations, off-site excursions, local entertainment and much more to keep you as busy and engaged as you want to be.

  • A range of amenities such as fitness centres, art studios, theatres, libraries, or potting sheds for gardeners. Some retirement homes even offer special amenities such as swimming pools, golf simulators, or, when they are pet-friendly residences, dog runs and dog washes.

  • A safe and secure environment.

On top of these benefits, independent supportive living residents enjoy services like housekeeping and laundry, so you can free up your time to do more of what you want to do. Plus, you’ll have access to the assistance you need to live your life to the fullest – whether you need care services such as medication administration, personal services such as bathing or grooming, or just a little help getting to the dining room each day. We’re here to help.

Independent supportive living offers discreet care right in your own suite, when and if you need it, within a fully independent living environment. Assisted living is generally used to describe a retirement living option that includes basic care services in the service fee. To meet your changing care needs, more care options are available at any time. The terminology can be confusing; in some provinces, such as Alberta, the terms ‘independent supportive living’ and ‘assisted living’ are not used, but rather supportive living is used exclusively.

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