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PSWs and Health Care Aides Make a Big Impact

PSWs and Health Care Aides Make a Big Impact Hero Image

Thank you for supporting our residents

We want to provide our residents with choices that help them do more of the things that bring joy to their lives by reducing physical and administrative chores that can be burdens. To do this, we need a dedicated team of professionals who get to know our residents personally and understand how we can create personalized options for them. From the chefs who work in the kitchens to program aides who organize our recreation activities to our Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Health Care Aids (HCAs), everyone has a role to play to ensure our residents can focus on the things that are important to them.

“The compassion and empathy they have for residents is inspiring, and we are grateful for it.”

May 19 is Personal Support Workers (PSW) Day and we want to pay special tribute to the more than 7,000 PSWs and HCAs across our Retirement Residences and Long Term Care Homes. They are critical to the frontline care Revera provides to our residents. The compassion and empathy they have for residents is inspiring, and we are grateful for it.

The situations that PSWs and Health Care Aides work through are often challenging. They spend their work days with our residents adapting to their health needs and communicating with medical teams and other family members to ensure those needs are met. Also, they are critical to creating a place where our residents can enjoy comfort and safety. They make sure the well-being of our residents is met in a respectful manner that promises their dignity is not ignored, particularly in our Long Term Care Homes. In their role, they build up our residents’ self-esteem and demonstrate that they are valued as individuals. Revera’s PSWs and HCAs are the embodiment of our values: respect, integrity, excellence and compassion.

To all of the Personal Support Workers and Health Care Aides who choose to work at Revera, thank you for everything you do to deliver support to our residents. Your efforts are deeply appreciated not just by the residents but also their families, and you are invaluable to supporting our residents to live life to the fullest.

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